Looking for a place to amplify your voice, be creative, and connect with others? 
Then help us bring the Dream House back to life with youth and many other members of the Baltimore community.

Join us at DARE TO DREAM: 

How can we collectively re-imagine a space?

Monday, May 16th 6:00-8:3o

The Dream House, 1430 Carswell St., Baltimore, MD 21218

Over the course of ten years, the Youth Dreamers created the Dream House:  a joyful place for young people to not only dream, but to also accomplish those dreams.  Now we understand that the Dream House could play a much bigger role in connecting the community through a collaborative process of re-imagining the space.

Please join us for a creative work session where we will collectively re-envision the space and build meaningful connections with each other. We hope that this will be one of many opportunities for us to build a team of people who remain committed to re-creating a joyful space with a foundation in social justice that unifies Baltimore in a variety of ways.

We need visionaries, as well as pragmatists!  We need young people, old people, and in between people! We need open minds and open hearts!  We need possibilities now that will grow into answers and solutions later! We need YOU-our Baltimore peeps who represent a wide variety of perspectives and expertise!

Expect storytelling, artmaking and conversation as a way to experiment with new ways of seeing the Dream House.  Together we will become a powerful tool for problem solving and re-imagining this joyful space.

Bring your appetite and a friend.  Dinner will be served.

Parking in the lot BEHIND the house that we share with the Shepherd's Clinic.

REGISTER AT:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dare-to-dream-how-can-we-collectively-re-imagine-a-space-tickets-23937213851 

Take a virtual tour of the Dream House-Baltimore's only youth-run youth center, through this fabulous video created by Starbucks.  Starbucks generously supported the Youth Dreamers for three years through their Youth Action grants, now known as Youth Leadership grants. 

Latest and Greatest News from the YDs….

Sharing Our Story
We have been very busy, even during this transition time for us! Youth Dreamers have shared our story and engaged in discussions about what is possible for young people in classrooms and communities -- particularly when faced with the pressures that come with standardized testing. Here are a few examples:

  • The MOST "What Does the Research Say? The Impact of Out of School Time Arts, Mentoring, and More" forum
  • At MICA with future art teachers
  • At Towson University with current students in the Urban Education program
  • At North Junior High in St. Cloud, MN with over 600 middle school students

Feedback from our appearances

"As a result of this presentation, how has your perception of education changed?"
"Education can go a long way in changing individuals' lives and communities."
"Education can go beyond the classroom. It can exist in real-life
"Value of community; importance of student leadership"
"It is possible to extend learning beyond the classroom walls
"Education is much more powerful for making a difference than we typically assume."
"The effectiveness of giving young students autonomy."

"What will you carry with you?"
"Respect for dreaming big."
"If you don't think you can, you are probably forgetting/underestimating your students' abilities."
"Students have the greatest vision for what they need."
"Students can be motivated to extreme levels in order to follow their dreams"


Celebrating the Holidays
We hosted a Holiday Happy Hour connect, share stories, and enjoy our friends, family and fans.


Planning for 2015
We held our Annual Board Retreat—“Ready, Re-Set, and Go!” -- where we evaluated accomplishments from the past year, set new goals, and spent many hours discussing, brainstorming, questioning and more about partnerships and possibilities for the Youth Dreamers and the Dream House.

Upcoming: Leading Workshops, Spring 2015

  • The National Opt Out Conference in Florida in January to host a “Chat and Chew” and lead a student organizing group. Chekkit Out! We are being interviewed and filmed for Learning Matters on PBS NewsHour when we are in Ft. Lauderdale
  • The Progressive Education Summit on January 24th to facilitate a  workshop and participate in a panel of local authors by Marc Steiner

  • The National Youth Leadership Council Service-Learning Conference in Washington, DC in April to facilitate a workshop with students from all over the country










Grand opening of the Dream House grand opening, May 2010


I am Not a Test Score: 
Lessons Learned from Dreaming

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Summer Art Program Report 2014









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