**This year we have begun an exciting new partnership between MFA students in Community Arts at MICA and design students from Patterson High School. While building friendships and making art, we are also creating new and exciting curriculum and programming for the Dream House. This new phase will kick off in the spring with a series of student-led arts based social justice workshops in the community with more to come over the rest of the year. The Youth Dreamers are back.... And we’re training the next generation of leaders!

Your generous donation this holiday season helps fund this current partnership: a three course series called Breaking Down Barriers through Creativity in Community.

 $30: Pays for one I Am Not a Test Score: Lessons Learned from Dreaming book for a student in the program

$100 Pays for one month of office and art supplies for the program

$150 Pays for one high school student to facilitate five workshops in community with his/her team

$400 Pays for one laptop to be housed at the Dream House for students to use during classes

 $1200 Pays for one month of general operating costs at the Dream House









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I am Not a Test Score: 
Lessons Learned from Dreaming









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